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OCTOBER QUESTION: When do you know your story is ready?


Easiest question ever! Answer: when I submit.

No work is ever perfect. A story can always be made better, which is why I continue to tweak until the story is no longer in my hands. Writerly insights don’t stop the moment we type The End.

There are countless ways to improve our work: vary sentence structure, enhance language, deepen theme, add symbolism, augment voice—just to name a few.

Kai Chan Vong/Flickrcc

Kai Chan Vong/Flickrcc

In fact, this is where our insecurities often get the best of us. It’s really hard to let go of our flawed creations, but if we hold back until we attain perfection, we’ll never submit.

As writers, it’s our responsibility to recognize the difference between a good story (that can always be made better), and a story that is truly not ready for readers.

The ability to distance ourselves from our work comes only after experience and thousands upon thousands of words on the page. Fledgling writers who lack this experience often submit too soon.

Deadlines are also helpful. Since I’ve always worked better under pressure, I’m a fan. For me, the absence of a deadline can too easily turn into an excuse to procrastinate.

How about you? Do you write better under pressure
or does pressure stifle your creativity?