Close Your EyesClose Your Eyes by Michael Robotham

Close Your Eyes shines as both a fine mystery and superlative psychological thriller.

This is the 8th—and in my opinion best—entry in the Joe O’Loughlin series. Joe, a clinical psychologist and victim of Parkinson’s, intermittently (often reluctantly) consults with law enforcement as a profiler. His current case centers around the murders of a mother and daughter at a remote farmhouse. Although a long way from a hardcore procedural, there are enough red herrings and possible suspects to entertain the most avid fan of whodunits.

Series, mystery series in particular, tend to become mired in repetition, static characters, and formulaic plots. But with Joe O’Loughlin, Robotham transcends, consistently providing a smart, unpredictable mystery along with characters of great emotional depth.

It is the human element that makes this book, and the series as a whole, a stand out. The writing here is so immediate, so vivid, the reader sees the world through Joe’s eyes. When Joe breaks, the reader breaks. Joe’s relationship with his family—ex-wife Julianne, and daughters Charlie and Emma—is complicated, the problems they face real, relatable, and often gut wrenching. Close Your Eyes provides a sucker punch readers won’t soon forget.

My only complaint is the US cover. What a shame to throw a derivative cover on such a terrific book.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to NetGalley and Mulholland Books for the
opportunity to read and review this title. Truly a pleasure.