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This is my final IWSG post before the release of A Twist of Hate, so I’m going to take advantage. I realize we’re all insecure on the eve of a book release, but I’ve been insecure about this novel from the day I put pen to paper (fingers to keys?). Along with all the usual insecurities associated with a release, I have a whole other set of insecurities unique to this project.

Insecurity #1
This is not the story I intended to tell. I was tremendously naïve when I started writing A Twist of Hate—then called Art and Ashes. When an agent at a conference told me Nazi stolen art was considered a cliché in the publishing world, I believed him. I trashed the two-hundred pages I’d written, started with an entirely new premise while trying to salvage something of the story I wanted to tell.

Insecurity #2
This is the second book in what was meant to be a trilogy about three college friends. I never wanted to write a series, but because it was expected, I played the game. Didn’t take me long to discover I not only disliked reading series, I disliked writing them even more. Though A Twist of Hate functions as a standalone, the fact remains, it is a sequel. It’s unfortunate the first book exists nowhere but my computer.

Insecurity #3
Because A Twist of Hate was cobbled from another storyline, it went from being contemporary fiction to mystery. The mystery genre is all about rules, and I’m not so good with rules. Will sex, profanity, a dearth of procedural detail, and no murder until two-thirds of the way through the book disappoint mystery readers?

Insecurity #4
A Twist of Hate will be available hardback-only, which means it’s out of the price range of many readers (me, for example).

I could go on, but to keep this post the proper length, I’ll leave you with this important reminder instead:

One of the greatest journeys in life is overcoming insecurity and learning to truly not give a shit.
 J.A. Konrath