230469-L-2013-06-24-21-09.jpgTHE WORLD AT NIGHT by Alan Furst
In Nazi occupied Paris, film producer Jean Casson is drawn into the Resistance and reconnects with his lost love, Citrine. THE WORLD AT NIGHT is a well-written, atmospheric novel, but I never connected with the protagonist. Since I have an affinity for flawed, conflicted characters, and Jean is nothing if not flawed and conflicted, I’m surprised the book didn’t work for me on this level. Wish I could be more specific. Possibly because I’m writing about this period myself,  I was distracted by the trappings—occupied France—when I should have been focused on Jean. There is a second book by Furst featuring the same protagonist titled, RED GOLD. It’s on my TBR pile. I intend to to give Jean Casson a second chance to woo me, because I think the one failing of this book may have been me.