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I’m not sure this is an insecurity, but it may well stem from one. Fact is, we often end up creating heartbreak through expectation, and maybe my expectations are just too high.

Here’s the problem: Recently, I’ve been unable to write. I can do other writing-related tasks, but to actually sit down, put my fingers to the keyboard, and add words to my manuscript? Not happening for me.

This isn’t writer’s block, which stems from either a dearth of ideas or a lack of direction. I’m approximately 70,000 words into my third novel. I know what will happen. I know the next scenes, and the dialogue. I know the character arcs, and I’m reasonably certain how the novel will end, although there’s always room for surprise.

In another surprising twist, a couple of weeks ago, I met my protagonist. He walked up to me in a dream and introduced himself. Woo-woo experiences of this ilk never happen to me. Ever.

I’m aware there are authors who visualize actors when writing their characters. I would no more do that than visualize an actor when I think of my best friend. My friend is a real person. Why would I visualize an actor? Well, my characters are just as real to me.

I still love to write. Words remain an inexhaustible source of wonder. I truly believe in their magic. Yet, I can’t make progress on this story—which is a damn good story, by the way.

Am I lazy? Procrastinating? Self-sabotaging? Discouraged? I don’t expect answers, but if anyone has experienced something similar, I would love to commiserate. Words of inspiration would be great, too.


ENDNOTE: I drafted this post Tuesday afternoon. By Tuesday evening, I’d begun to write and now have a completed first draft of chapter 26. Apparently the way through the forest was to blog about it.