Beginning now and running through its June 17 release, I will be holding a series of ARC giveaways for A TWIST OF HATE on Goodreads. If the book’s premise interests you, I hope you’ll enter and maybe even put it on your to-read list.


I bet you’re asking yourself if A TWIST OF HATE is your kind of read. Well, today’s quiz is designed to help answer that very question.

Let’s get started!

Do you enjoy mysteries?
A TWIST OF HATE is a mystery. Because I can’t color inside the lines, I no longer write novel-length mystery. This makes A TWIST OF HATE rather a unique property—a one-off, the British might say.

Do you like a little history with your fiction?
There is a historical component to the story, and the book includes epistolary interludes with letters dating from WWII, the Nazi occupation of France, and the Holocaust.

Does your preference lean toward real world settings?
The bulk of A TWIST OF HATE is contemporary and takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area, the epistolary sections in France during wartime.

Do you have a fondness for art and museums?
Lucky you! You’ll get a twist of both in A TWIST OF HATE.

Are you comfortable with strong language and sexual situations?
There are no heaving bosoms, detailed descriptions of body parts, or directions where those parts go, but the story involves adult themes.

Are you a fan of bromances?
A TWIST OF HATE boasts two protagonists, best friends since the age of five, both well-heeled males in their mid-30s.

Are you bored by procedurals but still prefer your sleuths with legal savvy?
In A TWIST OF HATE, neither protagonist is an amateur. The main character is a one time San Francisco homicide inspector turned security consultant. His BFF is an intellectual property attorney who once served as an assistant DA.

Does your taste for humor veer toward irony and sarcasm?
While A TWIST OF HATE is not the appropriate stage for slapstick or scatological humor, as the old saying goes: life is funny if you take the time to watch [or in this case, read] it.

Hope you arrived at enough YES responses to take a chance.
Below you’ll find all the detes:


Goodreads ARC Giveaway

A Twist of Hate by V.R. Barkowski

A Twist of Hate

by V.R. Barkowski

Giveaway ends March 14, 2015.

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When his family’s priceless Cézanne disappears from a local museum, former homicide inspector Del Miller leaves the investigation to the FBI. But that’s before an art dealer alleges that Del’s grandfather, a victim of the Nazi death camps, stole the masterpiece from a Paris gallery seventy years before. After the dealer is found dead, and Del’s father is implicated, Del sets out to uncover the truth.

From present-day San Francisco to war-torn France to the Nazi death camps and betrayal, A Twist of Hate is a story of family honor, one man’s quest for answers about the grandfather he never knew, the father he idolizes, and the secrets behind a missing painting that lay buried deep within his family’s past.


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