The majority of this post is excerpted with respect from Warren Adler’s Huffpost blog entry of 8/26/14:  The Fate of the Novelist: A Reality Check

Warren Adler is an independent author best known for The War of the Roses. His 40th novel will be published this year. In his Huffington blog post, Adler summarizes what he’s learned during his many years as an independent author. Below are Mr. Adler’s fifteen conclusions verbatim. I encourage you to visit Huffpost and read all of what Adler has to say on each of these points. This is a must read/don’t miss post for anyone who writes long fiction and is currently published or hopes to be published, indie or otherwise. PLEASE click through.



  1. The print industry as we have known it, is a dead man walking.

  2. Advances are drying up.

  3. Amazon, at this point, controls the book market.

  4. The Netflix subscriber model of content for a monthly fee, like Amazon Unlimited, Oyster, and Scribd, will flame out.

  5. The quality of content is diminishing, or so it seems.

  6. Even so called commercial fiction, the kind of books one found on best-seller lists in the middle to the latter part of the last century, is being replaced by genre fiction, which would not have made the cut in those bygone days.

  7. There are simply too many books being published, especially in fiction.

  8. In an effort to find an audience, many authors are forced to give away their books for free or at heavily discounted prices.

  9. Because we are now a global society, books by writers from other countries and cultures have reached flood stage as well.

  10. There is no end to people who want to write novels. There are over a thousand creative writing college courses and many MFA degrees offered in this discipline.

  11. There is still great personal satisfaction in self-publishing.

  12. Many are convinced that their books would make terrific movies, and spend time and money trying to bring their stories to the silver screen.

  13. While books are being digitally published like popcorn, I do not believe that readers are keeping apace.

  14. A cottage industry has emerged big-time to distribute, market, publicize and merchandise books, by mostly self-published authors or backlist titles of published authors.

  15. Expect countless marketing ploys as publishers and authors try new gimmicks to sell their works of fiction online.



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