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Why are so many of us more interested in pop culture than in world news? More taken with celebrity than real people?

Hey, I’m not pointing fingers, I’m no better. I’m asking because I really want to understand. Understanding is the only way to affect change. And I want this to change, because quite frankly, I’m ashamed of myself.



As a relatively intelligent human being who cares about the world, why is it if I have a choice between reading a newspaper and reading Entertainment Weekly, I always pick up EW first?

Trust me, it’s not because I care more about Justin Bieber’s legal problems, Miley Cyrus’s tongue, or the Kardashians’ anything than I do about climate change, the North Korean threat, or the miserable state of U.S. health care.



Is it easier and less threatening to read about Justin and Miley than face what’s happening in our world? I’ve heard allegations that the constant flood of celebrity news is a conspiracy by TPTB to keep us from focusing on what they don’t want us to notice.

Wow, great way to blame someone else for our personal failings. What we read and watch is a choice we make for ourselves. Yes, it may be the wrong choice, but it’s ours to make. Isn’t it time we start to take responsibility?

Part of the problem is the accepted notion that all this celebrity [pardon me] crap is real news. News and entertainment have become inextricably and artificially linked. News should inform, and entertainment should, well, entertain—not displace news headlines.

We can blame the Media for this, but the Media gives us what we ask for, and more when we ask again. Is it fair to blame the Media for something lacking in us?

As I veer into accepting responsibility for our own actions territory, I realize it’s time to sign off. Accepting responsibility is a blog topic for another day. 

Anyway, it’s late, and I want to check out TMZ and Eonline before bed time.

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