THE DARK DIVINE by Bree Despain is a book I wanted to like but didn’t. The moralistic overtone didn’t bother me, but inconsistent characterizations and predictability of plot did. The author’s voice wasn’t strong enough to overcome the lack of surprises along the way. Or to put it another way: it was dull. Great cover though, and given the glowing reviews the book’s received, if you’re interested, I encourage you to read it. My opinion may be an aberration – it often is.

LONG-LEGGED FLY by James Sallis is the first of a literary hard boiled-detective series featuring New Orleans PI Lew Griffin. Sallis is an amazing writer (DRIVE, CYPRESS GROVE). Although I’ve owned the Lew Griffin books for several years, I’ve never read them, fearing dissappointment – I’m not big on detective stories. My bad. Don’t make my mistake. Sallis is a poet and delivers Lew accordingly with spare cut-to-the-bone prose. Can’t wait to read the remaining five books.