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“I have a strong work ethic yet I’m incredibly lazy as well.
The problem with being a writer is that everything you do can
be called research. Sitting in the pub is research. Reading
the newspaper can be research. I will put off the evil
hour when I start writing for as long as I possibly can.”
~Ian Rankin

Do you see yourself in the quote above? I only ask because I’m there, smack dab in the middle. I often wonder why it’s so difficult to put pen to paper, yet so easy to indulge in that honorable time suck we writers refer to as research.

Is it a lack of discipline or something else?


“He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.”
― Aristotle

For me, I’ve long suspected the reason is fear—fear of failure, fear of not meeting others’ expectations, fear of mediocrity. If there is a more debilitating, destructive emotion than fear, I don’t know it. Consider such evils as prejudice, greed, and envy. They all stem from fear.


“Don’t be afraid of being scared. To be afraid is a sign of common sense.
Only complete idiots are not afraid of anything.”
― Carlos Ruiz Zafón

This isn’t to say  fear serves no purpose. Fear is more than just a survival mechanism. Throughout history, fear has motivated individuals to seek creative solutions. Properly channeled, fear of the unknown turns to curiosity. Fear enhances our awareness so we’re better able to protect ourselves from threat. Moreover, working through our fears can actually opens new neural pathways. Yes, fear can help us rewire our brains.


“Without fear there cannot be courage.”
― Christopher Paolini


The question I bring to the IWSG today is how can we avoid being stymied by our fears? How can we channel them constructively? 

 How can we use our fears to motivate rather than undermine our writing?