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Patience and perseverance will overcome all difficulties.
-Barbara Barkowski


I don’t know who said it first, but this was my mother’s favorite saying, and I heard it often growing up. Probably because I was born with very little patience (although I’m good on perseverance, thank you very much).

Impatience can have a profound effect on our health, not just emotionally, but physically. The associated stress can lead to heart problems, ulcers, and depression.  

We all know writing is a waiting game, so today I’m here with a request. I need more patience. Can you help me?


The Scenario
Upon submission of a story or manuscript, I’m almost euphoric. It’s off my desk, it’s no longer my problem. But then a week passes and another week, and then a month. Finally anxiety sets in. I begin to wonder if my work reached its intended target. And if it did, why haven’t I received a response or at least an acknowledgement?

If I were dealing face to face with an individual, I’d ask, but I would never risk insulting a publishing professional by nagging.

As the months pass, my frustration grows. Not good given the black hole of publishing. A writer is just as likely to never hear back as to receive a rejection or acceptance.

The Solution
Apart from meditation, deep breathing, and putting it out of my mind, I’ve found no way to increase my level of patience, or to say it another way: deal with my impatience.

Today, I seek IWSG advice.

How do you cultivate patience?