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After vowing to adhere to her new exercise program, an aspiring novelist stepped on her barely used treadmill, suffered cardiac arrest and died. She was given the choice between Heaven or Hell.

“This blows,” said our heroine. “Heaven’s gotta be better than this.”

She ascended to Paradise only to discover an identical scene: endless rows of writers chained to their desks, tortured as they clicked away on their keyboards

“What’s with this?” she called out. “This is just as bad as Hell!”

“Hardly,” answered an unseen voice. “Here you get published.”


Heaven Or Hell by Scott Kinmartin/flickrcc 


I’ve heard this joke a zillion times. I’m sure you have, too, but it never fails to make me smile. It’s that kernel of truth. Writing *is* hard. Sometimes it’s torture. In fact, sometimes it’s hell.

But here’s the deal, I’m not sure what makes it so hard. Most of us have to write. It’s not as though we have a choice, so shouldn’t it come easy? Is it the quest for perfection that makes it so challenging or a fear we’ll exhaust our creativity before we reach The End? Or maybe writing isn’t difficult at all, perhaps it’s the slog to publication that’s so painful. The prospect of having to please not only ourselves and our readers, but agents and editors, too, all the while suffering massive rejection each step of the way.

Is writing hard for you? Some days? Everyday?
How do you meet the challenge?
Would you stop writing if you could?

No? Me either.


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