First, thanks to author Mary Pettibone Poole for the title of this post. Apart from last week’s Insecure Writers Support Group post and the upcoming Great Beyond Halloween Bloghop (in which I would very much like to participate), as I mentioned last Monday, this  will be a month of re-posts. Not only is it October here in the Witch City, which means a month-long schedule of Halloween craziness called Haunted Happenings, but I have a story deadline looming.

I chose the post below because even though I write darker fiction, I’m always looking for a way to inject humor into my stories and ease dramatic tension. This post originally appeared in October 2009.



What would life be without humor? Without laughter or mirth? A bloody bore, right? Humor comes in endless flavors, from spoken jokes to physical pratfalls. What makes you laugh?





Our differences?

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Our sameness?



Questionable Taste?



A play on Words?



What about cute animals?

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Do you like cartoons?



Or maybe you enjoy your slapstick
spiced with irony?



Do you think it’s possible to write a readable novel without injecting some humor along the way?

Wouldn’t the book be too grueling?

How do you work humor into your scenes? Is it a conscious process? Organic? Both?