Given a rather tight schedule, over the next few weeks I will be reposting a few older pieces from my now defunct, A Writers Blog. Apologies in advance. While the post below is from July 2011,  I assure you, it’s just as true today as it was back then.





Am i the only one who has typo issues? I proof my blog posts, and for the most part, my manuscripts are squeeky clean—even my agent says so. But Facebook, Twitter, or blog comments? Not. A. Chance. I screw up every one of them.


And they’re out there for-ev-er.
What’s a writer to do?


I don’t have time to edit my bloggy comments, tweets, or Facebook status updates. And even if I did, wouldn’t it be wrong? Wouldn’t it kill the in-the-moment spontaneity?


For years, I was employed in and around finance. Didn’t matter how long I did the work, I continued to type




I do believe this is pronounced: fine ass.

I worked for non-profit and government. Trust me when I tell you, putting in writing that one works in the Fine Ass Department does *not* instill the confidence you might think.

Honest, I know the difference between:

*then and than

*it’s and its

*there and their and they’re (bet Microsoft Word wishes it could say that!)

*Heck, I even know the difference between fine ass and finance

But somewhere, there is a disconnect betwixt my brain and my fingers which is now immortalized on the internet.

Did I mention forever?


Anyone else suffer from typocitus?
Is there a cure?
How about a support Group?
Confess: do you have a “favorite” typo?


It’s here!!!

Happy Autumn!

Stay safe, have fun, and make it 

a week worth writing about!



Hope to see you all on Wednesday for a fresh IWSG post!