One size does not fit all.


Whether you opt for traditional publishing, indie publishing, or some hybrid, the choice is yours to make. But finding a good fit, being happy and successful in your writer’s journey, does not give you the right to choose for me.

Yes, share your experiences. Yes, by all means discuss why you’ve made the choices you have. And yes, please, please, please share what you’ve learned along the way. You are the ultimate expert on the who, what, where, why, and how of your writing path.

But never forget, you are an amateur when it comes to making decisions for another writer.

Don’t assume because I don’t follow in your footsteps that I am wrong, stupid, haven’t done my research, or I’m “drinking the Kool-Aid” (are you?).

Most likely I was doing layout, editing, and design before you understood the difference between a galley proof and an ARC. I know the amount of work entailed in getting a quality publication to market, and when you announce that you edited, proofed, formatted, and did your own cover design in a couple of hours, this does not encourage me to run out and self-publish. It only convinces me I don’t want to read your book.

So, if you’re traditionally published, please wax on about the benefits of big house distribution, foreign rights, possible movie deals, and how you’re free to write and promote because your publisher takes care of the administrative and financial end of things. If you’re indie published, awe me with your many successes, tell me how great it feels to take control of your writing career, how you no longer need to wait a year (or two, or three) to get a book out, and how your readership has grown.

But don’t bully, because what may be the perfect fit for you, may simply not be my size.