Still no WiFi, but I purchased extra cell data transfer, so with any luck I’ll get to do some blog visiting. Yay! WiFi should arrive on Thursday.

I’m writing this post on my iPad, so it will again be mostly photos and sharing a bit more about my new ‘hood, which is my obsession right now. I suspect after the return of WiFi, I’ll start obsessing  about writing again.

For anyone who hasn’t heard, I moved from Georgia to Massachusetts at the first of the month.

On Saturday morning I woke and looked out the front door. Between the two buildings across the street, I saw a British soldier. Not all that bizarre I suppose, except this British soldier was wearing a red coat circa 1774. I know Massachusetts was one of the original thirteen colonies, but I’d always assumed the British left years ago. Time to explore.

I threw on some clothes and ran to the nearby field where I discovered a British encampment.


WTF? The British weren’t coming, they were already here!
What to do, what to do? Alert the ‘hood, I told myself. But the neighbor folks – a reserved bunch – just rolled their eyes and continued with their picnic.


Suddenly, there was the sound of drum and fife followed by cannon fire. I raced back to the camp. Relief! Instead of a call to arms, the soldiers were chatting with visitors dressed in tee shirts and shorts. All was peaceful.


Living in a tourist town certainly has its quirks.

Hope to see you live and in person next Monday.

Go out and make it a week worthy of the history books!