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All excerpts are from my current WIP: CRYING FOR MERCY
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ZODIAC: A band of heavens that reflects the path of the moon, sun, stars, and planets and is divided into twelve sections called signs. Many Wiccans and non-Wiccans alike embrace astrology, the study of both the movements and arrangement of celestial bodies in the zodiac and how their positions influence human life and the natural world.

By JB_1984/(flickr)

ZODIAK by JB_1984/(flickr)


   EXCERPT . . .

The rain stopped and water lay pooled across the sidewalk, sunlight turning the puddles into brilliant mirrors. Nate squinted against the glare, watching the steam rise in wisps from the warm, wet pavement. What had Mercy said? In astrology the sun represents the ego?

Something inside him, raw and primal, wished he could believe in her ordered universe—zodiac signs, planets, stars, a future predicted by tarot cards and runes, or the random arrangement of sticks in a fire. What would it be like to be so certain?

He felt as though he’d lived his life stranded at the end of a very long line, both blind to what was happening ahead and weary of the anticipation. Just once, he wanted to be the guy who embraced every moment, who lived life at hyper-speed, who flirted shamelessly, kissed often and treated every day like a new possibility. Why couldn’t he be that guy?—

Can we choose who we want to be?

Is it possible to change our behavior and
actually change who we are inside?

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