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All excerpts are from my current WIP: CRYING FOR MERCY
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XYLOMANCY: Divination using pieces of wood. Interpreting patterns of fallen branches and sticks as well as of patterns of logs and wood burning in a fire.  

Logs in Fire (flickr)

   EXCERPT . . .

When something terrible happens, it changes how people look at you. Suddenly that single event becomes the most fascinating thing about you, and your life narrows to one dramatic story, tying you to the past forever. How can you embrace the future if you’re forced to spend every waking moment looking over your shoulder, trying to outrun what’s gone before?

Mercy’s eyes fixed on the fire, watching the embers flare then die out. She used to know a xylomancer, an old Croation who could predict what would happen just by looking at the pattern of wood burning in a fireplace. He offered to teach her, but she had no talent for divination. Was it because she had no real future? That’s what she’d always feared—

For “X” I wanted to use Xenopus, which is an African clawed frog, but for some reason, the word didn’t make it into my WIP. 🙂

What’s your favorite “X” word?
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