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VOID OF COURSE MOON: Each astrological sign has a ruling planet or planets. As the moon travels from one sign of the zodiac (check out Z is for Zodiac on April 30) to another, it forms relationships with these ruling planets. However, when the moon moves between the signs—in other words, when there is no planetary relationship—the moon is called void-of-course (VOC). This happens an average of thirteen times each lunar cycle with VOC periods lasting for less than a minute to more than two days. For Wiccans as well as other followers of astrology, VOC periods indicate a directionless moon with weakened energies. Traditionally, this is a time to look inward, avoiding any magic(k)al workings, new relationships, decision making, major purchases, etc.

NOTE: The next VOC happens tomorrow morning at 4:56 am EDT. Glad I scheduled all my posts ahead of time. 🙂

Void of Course Moon/Courtesy of Find Your Fate

Void of Course Moon/Courtesy of Find Your Fate

VOC charts for Apr/May AstroProfile.com

VOC charts for Apr/May 2013  Check out AstroProfile.com for more.


Mercy untied her ushanka, and shook off snow. She looked frayed—clothes rumpled, hair disheveled, dark circles bruising pale skin under bloodshot eyes. Nate helped her off with her coat. “You look like you haven’t slept in a week.”

“I haven’t. I had to move the opening ahead. It’s tomorrow.”

“What happened to Black Friday—day after Thanksgiving—biggest shopping day of the year? Okay, unless you’re Wiccan and live in Witch city, in which case it’s second to Halloween, still—”

“I should have checked the calendar. At 6:13 am on Friday, the moon leaves Libra and goes VOC until it enters Scorpio at 11:03 pm.”

He had no clue what she was talking about. “What’s VOC?”

“Void-of-Course. The moon is between astrological signs—directionless. It’s like an energy vacuum. I can’t have the opening on Friday.”

“Yeah, I can see where it’s best not to take chances with an energy vacuum.” Nate managed not to roll his eyes, but it was a struggle.

Mercy’s tone was hard. “I see. So, you accept the Virgin Birth, the parting of the Red Sea, and the Resurrection, but you can’t believe the moon, which controls the ocean tides, that has been scientifically proven to impact weather and tectonics, could possibly influence human behavior?

It’s confession time…
Do you ever read your horoscope?