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UNDINE: An undine is an elemental, that is, a being formed of one of the elements. In the case of an undine, the element is water. You may recall from the post P is for Pentacle & Pentagramthere are five elements. Four have corresponding elementals, they are as follows: undines (water), salamanders (fire), gnomes (earth), and sylphs (air). Elementals are summoned to ritual, usually to observe, guard the circle, or carry energy to wherever it’s directed. Undines are of particular use in workings associated with water, emotional issues, and relationships.

Undine by John William Waterhouse (1872). Image from Victorian British Painting

Undine: John William Waterhouse. Image: Victorian British Painting


“Do you know anything about a former Wiccan named Marlon Boyd? He’s addressing school assembly on Monday.”

Mercy stiffened and arranged herself on the sofa with an exaggerated ease—as if her body refused to acknowledge its tension. “Boyd is famous and not in a good way. According to rumors, he fell in love with an undine he summoned to circle.”

“Excuse me, did you say undine? As in water nymph?”

Nate’s incredulity met Mercy’s unblinking stare and she nodded. “Boyd became obsessed with her. He even ended up in a psych ward for a while. Eventually he gave up the craft and retired to a monastery.”

“An undine?” Nate repeated. “You’re shitting me.”

Mercy sighed. “Alas, I shit you not.

I’ll be honest, summoning
salamanders, gnomes,
sylphs, & water nymphs
to circle is an aspect of Wicca
that is difficult for me to buy into.

How about you?