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SKYCLAD: Performing rituals or magic(k)al workings in the buff—literally “clad by the sky.” Some Wiccans feel clothing restricts their energy flow and are more comfortable working ritual in the nude, while others appreciate the vulnerability nudity offers. After all, what’s more natural than the outfit we were born in? Some Wiccan traditions require nudity (e.g. Gardnerian), others do not. Solitaries—those who work alone—can choose for themselves.

The Spring Witch/George Wilson. Delaware Art Museum

The Spring Witch/George Wilson. Delaware Art Museum


The cat wove in and out between Mercy’s ankles. “I wanted Gaia to be able to come and go as she pleased, so I left the door open. Why aren’t you at work? If I’d known you’d be home, I never would have . . .” A wave of pale rose shadowed her cheeks, and she dropped her gaze. “I always work skyclad.”


“Without clothes.

“S” was supposed to be for Sex Magic,
but I couldn’t find an “appropriate” image.
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