RMy A to Z Challenge theme is Wiccan Reads.
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All excerpts are from my current WIP:
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REDE: Advice or counsel. The Wiccan Rede: Counsel of the Wise Ones. I mentioned the Wiccan Rede in my A to Z Reveal Post, but to repeat, the Rede is an amalgam of guiding principles outlining Wiccan behavior, ethics, and morality, the core of which is “harm none.” The entire Rede appears below. The Law of Three is also found here, fourth line up from the bottom.


For sake of clarification, I should probably mention that Wiccan Reads is not only my A to Z Theme, it is also the name of the shop owned by the female character in CRYING FOR MERCY.


“You said on the phone you were opening a bookshop along the wharf?”

She nodded. “Wiccan Reads—tarot cards, runes, ritual supplies, but mostly books. The space is under renovation. I hope to open before Thanksgiving.”

Another witch emporium, just what this city needed. Few of Salem’s pagan community fit the old crone, pointy hat stereotype, but Nate was having a tough time reconciling this sylphlike woman-child with the cloaked  figures who roamed local streets every October. “Wiccan Reads? A play on the Wiccan Rede, right? ‘Harm None?'”

“There is more to the Rede than ‘harm none,’ but yeah, that’s the idea.

And so ends Week 3 of the Challenge!
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