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QUARTERS: The four quarters of the cast circle are the cardinal directions North, East, South, & West, each corresponding to an element, usually (but may vary according to tradition): North=Earth, East=Air, South=Fire, West=Water. Calling down the quarters refers to inviting the four directions, their correlated elements, and the associated elemental energies (see U is for Undine on April 24) into one’s ritual.

Image borrowed with respect: DailyWicca.com

Image borrowed with respect from DailyWicca.com


“Seriously, those candles on this old oak planking scare the shit out of me. Do you have to put them on the floor? One gets knocked over and there goes the house.”

“They mark the quarters, the green is north, east is yellow, red south, and the west is blue. The holders are stone, Nate, they won’t tip over.” Mercy nudged one of the holders hard with her foot, and it slid across the floor. “See?”

“Are you prepared to explain that to the insurance company when you kick a lit candle and it rolls into something, or the cat strolls by too close to a flame?

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