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PENTACLE AND PENTAGRAM: A pentacle is a circle on which a pentagram (a five pointed star) is inscribed. In ritual and magic(k)al workings, the pentacle usually takes the form of an altar tile or plaque and represents the element earth. Both inside and outside of ritual, pentacles and pentagrams are often worn as jewelry or used as adornment and decoration. Each point on the pentagram’s star symbolizes an element. From the top point, moving deosil (clockwise) are the unifying spirit element akasha (ether), water, fire, earth, and air. The pentagram is a symbol of protection, not of evil.

by Acie Creations (flickr)

by Acie Creations (flickr)


“Be careful with that assumption, Liam. An inverted pentagram doesn’t necessarily mark someone as a Satanist. It could signify a follower of British Traditional Wicca who’s reached Second Degree initiation. British Satanists have always used the inverted cross, I don’t know why American Satanists glommed on to the inverted pentagram.”

“Because the inverted cross was already a symbol of the Church. Saint Peter was crucified upside-down, martyred.”

“Uh . . . you do realize they have Catholics in Britain, too, right?

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