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OGHAM: The twenty letter ancient British/Irish/Celtic alphabet made up of characters called fews. Each few represents a different kind of tree. Ogham staves, like the extremely cool set pictured below, are used for divination similar to traditional Norse runes.

Standard Native Celtic Woods - Ogham Staves

Standard Native Celtic Woods – Ogham Staves (available via Spirit of Old)


The bell above the door jingled and Mercy looked up. A too-skinny, too-pale teenager entered the shop. He wore black jeans, matching Chucks, and a Keep Calm and Worship Satan tee. Mercy gave a small, involuntary shake of her head. Another dark bunny trying too hard. Epic fail. With the close cropped hair, charcoal eyeshadow, and gaunt face, the overall effect was more cancer patient than follower of Beelzebub.

She set her jaw, smiled and stepped from behind the counter. The boy’s eyes skimmed over her, and she felt a sudden sharp need to fold her arms across her chest. “How may I help you?

“You got runes?”

“We do. What are you looking for? I have Elder Futhark, Younger, Anglo-Saxon—”

“Blank. I want to make a set of Ogham runes—authentic—for my girlfriend.”

“Traditionally, each Ogham stave represents a different genus of tree. The woods—”

“Fuck, you think I don’t know that?”

Too old to spank and too young to beat the crap out of. Mercy forced another smile, this time through clenched teeth. “I was only going to say, classic Ogham staves are carved from the corresponding tree woods. I can order a set of finished staves from the UK, but they’re expensive. I don’t know of anywhere to get blanks made of the appropriate woods. That is, unless you want to forage for your own.”

The boy rolled his eyes. “I don’t give a shit about what kind of wood they are. All I want is a set of blank runes I can carve and blood stain.”

Mercy sighed. So much for authentic.

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