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NEO-WICCAN: Let’s start from the beginning. Wicca refers to an earth based initiatory religion whose members are bound by oath. Developed in the New Forest region of England, Wicca was brought to the US in the 1960s by Gerald Gardner. It was Gardner who introduced the term Wicca. In the U.S., those who follow one of the New Forest traditions—e.g. Gardnerian, Alexandrian, etc.—are considered to be adherents of British Traditional Wicca (BTW) or simply Wiccan.

A solitary follower of Wicca, like my character Mercy English, who is self-dedicated, eclectic in her beliefs, doesn’t belong to a coven, isn’t oath-bound, and hasn’t undergone group initiation is technically neo-Wiccan. Clear? Groovy!



“You’re Wiccan?”

“I’m not sure it’s legal to ask my religious affiliation.”

A wave of heat crept up from Nate’s collar. “Right—none of my business.”

Her laugh was sweet and unexpected. “I was joking. Yes, I’m Wiccan, well, neo-Wiccan—a solitary.”

Nate hesitated then said, “Is it okay for me to ask what neo-Wiccan is?”

“Means I’m not initiated into one of the traditions or bound by oath to a coven. I follow a separate path, honor the God and Goddess in my own way.” She looked at him with a worried furrow between her brows. “Hey, if my being Wiccan is a problem for you, please say so. Promise I won’t take offense. The last thing I want is to make you uncomfortable in your own home.

You’ve just discovered you rented
your attic apartment to a practicing Wiccan.

Does the idea of a witch living
upstairs make you uneasy?