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MAGIC(K): The art and science of projecting natural energies (e.g. will and emotions) to effect change. The process is natural, not supernatural. It involves building energy, giving it direction/purpose and releasing it. [Note: magick is often spelled with a “k” to differentiate it from stage magic]. It’s possible that Wicca’s magic(k)al aspects confuse because in most other religions only saviors or priests are able to channel energies. Wicca isn’t as restrictive. In Wicca, magic(k) is a natural part of life and therefore also of religion.

In celebration of the darkness. By socialwrkrlaura (flickr)

By socialwrkrlaura (flickr)


“If you’re a witch, does that mean you can do magic?”

Mercy knelt in front of the little girl and gently squeezed her hand. “Anyone can do magic, Sarah. It takes practice, but we all have the ability to focus our energies, our will, and create change.

Is it easier to believe in magic(k) if it’s not entangled with the supernatural?
Under this definition, do you
think prayer is a type of magic(k)?