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IMBOLC: A Wiccan Sabbat (festival) celebrated on February 2. Imbolc is one of four fire festivals or greater Sabbats. It’s also known as Candlemas (Christian), Feast of Torches, and Brighid’s Day (not to mention Groundhog Day). Imbolc comes from a gaelic word meaning “in the belly.” Held halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, this fire festival celebrates the quickening of spring and the promised return of the sun’s warmth. (Check out Y is for Year on April 29 for info on other Wiccan Sabbats.)

Imbolc Brigid: By brighids.forge (flickr)

Imbolc Brigid: By brighids.forge (flickr)


Side by side, they made their way up Derby Street. Long strips of cloud, gray, white, and orange, threaded the evening sky. Against the thickening twilight reared The House of the Seven Gables.

They stopped on the steps of Mercy’s apartment. “Home,” David announced, his voice rough from the cold. He cleared his throat. “Hey, there’s an Imbolc celebration Saturday night. I went last year. Crazy huge circle—almost all solitaries, unbelievable energy—fire, drums, dancing. Come with. It’s going to be amazing, plus it would be kickin’ PR for the shop. You need to get out more, build a customer base.”

Dread snaked down Mercy’s back and coiled in her belly. This kid was only nineteen. Was he asking her out on a date or just concerned about her business? Either way, the answer was no. She shook her head and struggled to hold his gaze, but his look of disappointment was so wretched, her eyes slid away. Men never believed her when she said she didn’t date. Instead they packed up their bruised egos and disappeared. “I can’t, David. Imbolc is a quiet time for me. It’s the day I rededicate myself to the Lord and Lady. I wouldn’t feel right breaking with tradition.

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