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FLUFFY BUNNY: A derogatory label that refers to someone who “plays” at being Wiccan (and/or pagan, but again, that’s beyond the scope of this post). Fluffy bunnies are perceived as shallow and superficial Wiccans who have chosen the religion for the wrong reason, whether to shock with spells, “witchy” clothing, and too much jewelry, or simply to ride the trend. While knowledge is a cornerstone of Wicca, the fluffy bunny isn’t interested in thinking, learning, or understanding. Moreover, many fluffs ignore the importance of balance by acknowledging only the lighter side of Wicca—or vice versa in the case of “dark bunnies.”

Borrowed with respect from la Caverne de Morrigan


“Until I spent this morning interviewing applicants for help in the shop, I didn’t realize there were quite so many fluff bunnies in this town.”

“Fluff bunnies,” Becca repeated, with a tentative glance that transformed the words into a question.

“Insta-Wiccans. They read one book, dress in black, wear pentagrams the size of hood ornaments and call themselves witches.” Mercy flushed. “Sorry, that sounded really judgmental. I shouldn’t take so much pride in my Wiccan tolerance given how I insist on demonstrating I’m human first, with all the requisite frailties and prejudices that entails. Must be a lesson in there for me somewhere.”

“How about, ‘Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall,'” Liam said, a grin in his voice.

Mercy leaned back in her chair and burst out laughing. “Proverbs 16:18.” She winked at Liam. “Don’t look so surprised. I went to Catholic school, too.

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