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ESBAT: There are several definitions for Esbat, but I’m going with moon ritual, a Wiccan religious celebration held primarily to honor the Goddess in all her aspects (Maiden, Mother, Crone – See T is for Triple Goddess on April 23). Typically these rites are held during the full or new moon—but as with all things Wicca, not always.




Nate peered through the glass. Mercy, her quilt wrapped around her like a mantle, stood motionless on the deck, staring at the night sky. In the silver slash of moonlight, she seemed lit from within.

He opened the door and stepped into gelid air brittle enough to shatter. “What are you doing? You mentioned something about a moon ritual the other night. I thought—”

“To celebrate the Esbat. I did the ritual in my apartment. It’s so cold out here.”

“Then get back inside before you freeze your ass off.”

“November is the Snow Moon.” Her voice had a dreamy quality. “Usually there are too many clouds this time of year to see her, but tonight is clear. I wanted to connect with her energy.”


Mercy’s eyes narrowed and locked on his. “Which part of that bothers you, Nate? That I honor the moon or that her energy is feminine?

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