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DUOTHEISM: [Most – Many – Some] Wiccans are duotheistic, meaning they revere two deities, the God and Goddess. Wicca is a nature-based religion, and duotheism  is a nod to the balance of male and female energies in nature. Together the God and Goddess (also Lord and Lady, Mother and Father) constitute the All—the Goddess, the female essence of nature, and the God, the male essence. Typically, the moon is associated with the Goddess and the sun with the God. There are many ways to honor the God and Goddess, including working with other pantheons that reflect aspects of the All. However, a discussion of Wiccan variations of polytheism, kathenotheism, and henotheism are far beyond the scope of this post (and me!).


Horned God (masculine) & Triple Goddess (feminine) Symbols (See H is for Horned God on April 9 & T is for Triple Goddess on April 23)


“Wiccans worship two deities, a male and female,” Nate said with feigned authority and glanced to Mercy for confirmation.

“Not so much worship as honor.” A soft chuckle escaped her. “Of course that’s me. I can’t speak for all Wiccans.”

Nate, captivated by her mouth, watched it move as she spoke. Her upper lip shaped like the top of a valentine heart, the bottom lip, lush and full. He wondered what it would be like to kiss her.

“You’re staring at me,” she said, and covered her mouth with her hand.

Beside him, Nate felt the blistering heat of Becca’s glare. He cleared his throat and pulled his gaze back to her.

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