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Since I’m participating in the A to Z Challenge, April’s IWSG actually slipped my mind entirely until Michael Di Gesu mentioned it on his blog Tuesday (thanks, Michael). But never fear! You can always count on me to be ready with an insecurity, and this one relates to the Challenge, so it’s even timely.

Each day of the A to Z Challenge, I am defining a word associated with the Wiccan religion and following it up with a brief excerpt from my WIP—CRYING FOR MERCY. Since the excerpts utilize the designated word, the passages naturally deal with Wicca. Thus it appears that CRYING FOR MERCY is a story about Wicca.

And it is so NOT!

Now I’m afraid readers who are interested in Wicca will be disappointed by CRYING FOR MERCY because there is so little Wicca in the story. And readers who are uncomfortable with Wicca will reject the book out of hand because they believe that’s what the book is about.

The result: I’ve disappointed everyone!

Okay, there you have it, my well-timed A to Z Challenge insecurity.


Anyone else have an insecurity related to the
A to Z Challenge?