I thought it might be fun to do one regular, non-writing related post before the launch of the A to Z Challenge on Monday.

I’m feeling self-indulgent, so today let’s talk guilty pleasures. I’ll list a few of my guilty pleasures—because I’d never ask you to do something I wouldn’t do—then I want to read yours.


GREAT! Let’s roll!

In no particular order…

Archipelago Black Forest Soy Candles
I love the smell of trees, and Black Forest is a blend of douglas fir, ebony wood, and black currant. It somehow manages to evoke a forest without smelling overly holiday-ish or like Pine-Sol.



They always fit and they don’t go out of fashion, instead they become vintage. Here are my two latest acquisitions.Purse 1

Purse 2

Fried Chicken

Major food weakness. I could give up chocolate, but I could never give up fried chicken, and I’d never make it as a vegetarian. The chicken below is from Publix, my current go-to.
The Vampire Diaries (TV)
How embarrassing is this? Always a fan of vampire lore, when Twilight came along, all that died (ha ha!). Guess you could say, TVD resurrected my interest in vamps. Despite some inconsistencies, the plot twists are original and fun. For me, it’s the relationship between the two brothers that makes the show stand out. The “love triangle,” on the other hand, is a total cliché and boring beyond belief.

Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien
My favorite Scent. It’s Sicilian lemon, citron, grapefruit, green mandarine, cypress, and ylang-ylang. Clean, fresh, and pricey.
Eau d'Hadrien

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

I prefer wine and champagne to beer, but from Thanksgiving to New Years, I always indulge in some Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. Sierra Nevada is brewed in Chico, California, but let me assure you that picture on the six pack is not of Chico.

William-Sonoma Croissants

These are another holiday indulgence. They’re not as good as what you’d find in France, but they’re close.

Entertainment Weekly

Yep, I subscribe. For someone who isn’t interested in celebrity gossip, watches very little TV, and only goes to the movies once every three or four years, it’s hard to explain why, but I like the magazine. Even the book selections are interesting and varied.

Oberon Design
Whether pewter or leather, I’m an Oberon Design junkie. Again I’ll share my two latest acquisitions, a periwinkle bracelet and a floating lotus icon journal. Awesome stuff.
bra06-pweriwinkle-pewter-bracelet2floating lotus

No explanation necessary.


What are your guilty pleasures?

No fair holding back!