The subject of my 2013

A to Z Challenge is…

***  WICCAN READS  ***


Hey, wait! Come back! There happens to be a whole slew of preconceived notions about Wicca. In these 26 Challenge posts, I hope to dispel (de-spell?) some of the myths. It’ll be fun, I promise!

Wiccan Reads, by the way, is a play on Wiccan Rede. The Rede is an amalgam of guiding principles outlining Wiccan behavior, ethics, and morality. To glimpse the entire Rede, meet me back here on Saturday, April 20, for the letter “R”.

Each day of the challenge, you will find a new Wiccan Read, that is, a vocabulary word which relates to the Wiccan religion. In addition, I’ll provide a very brief excerpt from the draft of my current WIP, CRYING FOR MERCY—a psychological thriller about a history teacher at a small Catholic high school obsessed with the owner of an occult shop.



A brief summary (better known as a pitch)

History teacher Nate Colson is a nice guy, living an ordinary life. He has devoted friends and family, a fiancée who adores him, and a job he loves. After tragedy strikes, Nate is saddled with the large Colson family home. He rents the attic flat to beguiling Wiccan shop owner, Mercy English.

When Nate feels the walls closing in on the life he once coveted, gentle, free-spirited Mercy becomes first his escape, then his all-consuming passion. But an act of savage violence brings Mercy’s dark past to light, and delusion and denial take hold of Nate as his refusal to face the truth about her brings him closer and closer to self-destruction.



  • Disclaimer 1:  Wiccan Reads is my subject, so the manuscript excerpts in this Challenge are by necessity about Wicca. However, CRY FOR MERCY is not a story about Wicca! Forget about casting spells, hexing your ex, or sticking pins in a poppet. You won’t find those things here. I could have just as easily done an A to Z Challenge about Catholic schools, New England, or teaching.
  • Disclaimer 2: The information I’ll be sharing about Wicca comes from interviews, the internet, and extensive reading. I’ve kept things as general as possible because every path in Wicca is unique, many traditions are oath-bound, and there are exceptions to nearly every rule—it’s kind of like writing that way.
  • Disclaimer 3:  I am neither Wiccan nor Catholic, so please don’t try to convert me, save me, or invite me to check out your coven.
  • Disclaimer 4:  If the subject of neo-pagan religion makes you uncomfortable, I apologize. Hope to see you in May.



  • Wicca and witchcraft are not synonymous. Wicca is a religion. Witchcraft is a practice of energy manipulation.
  • While it’s true a large number of Wiccans practice some form of witchcraft, there are many witches who are not Wiccan and who either practice the craft under a religion other than Wicca or under no religion at all.
  • A Wiccan who worships on his or her own rather than as part of a coven is known as a solitary.
  • Wicca is in no way associated with Satanism. Honest!

How about you? Participating in the challenge?
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April 1!