For the past five years, every time I’ve needed a headshot, I’ve turned to Mac’s built-in Photo Booth. Not only is Photo Booth convenient, the resolution is so lousy, flaws tend to get lost. Win-win!

Recently, a need arose for a headshot of better quality. (Read Rachelle Gardner’s excellent post on headshots, here). With no time to visit a professional photographer, I handed my small, purple Lumix to Mr. VR and ordered him to shoot. Lucky for me, I never confuse my camera with a Sig Sauer, or the result might have been totally different.

My initial goal was a photo in which I wasn’t smiling. I don’t write light fare, and I think of a goofy grin as a misrepresentation. Sadly, I was born with only one grin-setting. After a half dozen photos, it was clear that not smiling made me look either mean or angry. Good to know. I decided goofy trumped mean.

The first set of photos weren’t awful, except my part kept appearing on the wrong side of my head. Apparently, Mac’s Photo Booth shoots a mirror image. Who knew? I never picked up on it because I’m used to seeing my reflection, and the wrong-sided part looked fine to me.

The other issue was color. I wore an avocado top in front of a gold wall (above). Anyone else remember the 70s? Been there, done that, don’t need to revisit the color palette.

While not overjoyed with the first batch of pix, I loaded one of the shots onto Facebook and used another for my WordPress profile. Then I changed into a black turtleneck and tried again. Success!

Or so I thought.

Check out the second photograph at left. Now, follow the red arrow. Do you see the problem? This particular problem has a name: LucyFur. Sigh.

So be it. I’m resigned to avocado and gold. But for the record, next headshot it’s either a professional photographer or the Sig Sauer.